Quick Guide to Your First Metal Concert

So you have never been to a metal concert, and this is the first time you will experience it? Being a metalhead, you need to know the traditions of a metal concert. Although they are not the hardcore regulations that everyone at the concert has to follow, it is something that makes you a part of the crowd that has come to enjoy some good metal music. These are some of the things that you need to know about metal concert traditions before going to your first ever metal concert.

Dress code

If you are a metalhead, you may already have enough clothes to fit the occasion. Girls may prefer to wear fishnet, lace, skirts, and boots to the concert, but they are not always the most comfortable clothes when the party is going to be wild. Did you know that wearing the band’s t-shirt to their concert was not acceptable until recently? You could wear any other band’s t-shirt but not of the ones that are performing. Dress comfortably and wear what can get you through the day easily without hurting your spine.

Whom to go with

Get introduced to a concert by going with someone who has already been to several concerts. You will learn how things usually work at a concert from the entry gates to the moshpits. The worst part of being in a metal concert is to be with friends who are not metalheads. No matter how hard they try to enjoy the songs, you will not get the same vibe from them as you would get from a real metalhead when it comes to headbanging.

What should you expect

The metal concerts are rocking most of the time. But, at times, some technical difficulties or bad weather can spoil things. These things should not discourage you from having a good time. No music concert can ever be perfect. What may be the most enjoyable concert for you could be the worst concert for somebody else. The point is, you do not have to expect anything from the concert. Make up your own mind to have a good time with your friends. It is a party that will go on how it is supposed to be. So just get in, and be a part of the moshpit.

Do not be a jerk

Do not be a jerk

Metalheads sure are a bit mad at everything. Their nature allows them to be hardcore and not giving a shit about anything. But at the same time, it does not mean that they are mean trolls. They might be a bit unorthodox, but they have a personality that shows their good side. You want to be a part of this type of metalhead. Even while you are in a moshpit, do not get too cocky to look for trouble with others. For your own safety and for others, let everyone have a good time. You may end up making new connections and find your metalhead community at your first concert.

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