Know This Before Buying Your First Drum Kit

When you are in the league of metal and rock, you need an instrument to play and a passion for creating your own music. You cannot become a true fan of any music unless you also practice it alongside listening to it. You can pick plenty of instruments to learn and master, but only the bravest are known to pick drum kits. Why the bravest? Because it takes the force of the universe to deal with neighbors complaining about noise when you have to practice your drum lessons every day. Once you feel you are ready, feel excited to get your own drum kit and your signature sticks. Starting with a decent drum kit is enough to make you better drummer overtime. You do not have to go for the most complex drum kit, but you also cannot settle for the cheapest one available in the market.

The five-piece drum kit

The most basic drum kit consists of a two-piece ‘kick and snare’ setup. The most complex ones can have eight or nine pieces. Cymbals and hi-hats are not counted as pieces in a drum kit. The most common drum kit that most drummers start with is a five-piece drum kit. It allows you to learn about all the necessary pieces without confusing you with too many things to play as a beginner. A five-piece drum kit consists of a kick drum, a snare drum, floor tom, two rack toms, and a floor tom. You will have to pay extra for cymbals and other accessories.

First Drum Kit

Make some space

Now that you have ordered your first drum kit, the question is, where will you keep it? A five-piece drum kit can take up a lot of space. You might need an extra room for it so that you can lock the door and practice every day. If not, you will need noise cancellation foams that you can use to cover your walls. It will absorb most of the noise and will not trouble your neighbors. You can also purchase an electronic drum kit today so you can listen to what you are playing in your headphones. Electronic drum kits are more compact and are easier to assemble.

Grow with the kit

You need to connect with your first drum kit, or you will soon lose interest in playing it. It will be in the corner of your room, catching dirt in no time if you cannot vibe with it. Save your money for a good enough drum kit, if not the most expensive. As you grow as a drummer, you can add new pieces to your kit or purchase a better quality set. It is your own progress in drumming that will count, not an expensive drum kit.

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